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Cobra Performance Lubricants & Specialty Fluids

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Introducing Cobra UTF (Universal Tractor Fluid)

The properties of these products provide unique characteristics since the same fluid must lubricate the transmission as well as the final drive, actuate hydraulic type disc brakes which are submerged in oil, and serve as a hydraulic fluid to operate power steering units, power take-offs, implements and attachments.

Cobra UTF has been formulated to provide a cost effective fluid without sacrificing performance. They offer excellent low temperature fluidity, which is helpful to construction equipment that must work in winter, as well as high temperature protection, and they meet the stringent viscosity requirements of specifications of John Deere and other manufacturers of such equipment.

Cobra UTF manufacturers’ fluids and competitors’ fluids of this type.

For more information, please visit your Cobra retailer or contact us.


Distribution & Retailing Opportunities

We’re looking for a few good partners…. We are looking for new partnership opportunities for distributing and/or retailing of Cobra Lubricants & branded products. Our manufacturing facility in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, is ideally situated for distribution in North America and overseas with access to rail car, over the road, and marine transportation systems. We also offer sales and technical support from our in-house staff to assist with growing the distribution of Cobra Lubricants.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor or retailer, please contact us.