Cobra Performance Lubricants & Specialty Fluids
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Cobra Performance Lubricants & Specialty Fluids

About Us


About Cobra Lubricants


Proudly manufactured by COASTAL Blending & Packaging in Saint John, New Brunswick, Cobra Lubricants draws on over 70 years experience in the manufacturing and marketing of a variety of lubricants and specialty fluids products marketed in eastern Canada, New England, and around the world.

Cobra Lubricants was launched in 2002 to serve the growing demand for value priced products without compromising quality.   The Cobra product line includes a core product based of engine oils for gasoline and diesel engines, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic fluids, gear oils, antifreeze, and windshield Wash.


"Quality and value CAN go hand in hand"


Company Mission Statement

“Committed to fulfilling customers’ needs & expectations
every day”

COASTAL Blending & Packaging's mission is simple, to become your partner of choice. We believe in demonstrating commitment; keeping our word; respecting people as individuals; and providing the best for our customers.

Our word reflects our strength of character.  We keep the promises we make and do not make promises we cannot keep.

We depend on our character, not our title, position or status, to serve our company and our customers.  We appreciate people for who they are.

We are committed to understanding and meeting our customers’ wants and needs.  Our first instinct is to side with the customers.

It is not enough to write or read our mission.  Each one of us is responsible: in our words, in our actions, and in the responsibility we accept when deciding to bring in or keep people as part of our company.  Although we are continually developing as a company, our mission must never change.