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Cobra Kerosene

Cobra KEROSENE is a highly-refined low sulfur hydrocarbon fluid. It is suitable for use as a fuel for portable space heaters and lamps designed to run on kerosene.

Cobra KEROSENE exceeds the requirements of Canadian specification CGSB-3.3-M99 Type No. 1-K for this purpose. Products meeting these requirements are often referred to as "1-K" Kerosene. Regular kerosene not meeting the Type No. 1-K requirements can have sulfur levels 100 times higher making such fuel unsuitable and potentially dangerous for use in portable space heaters and stoves.

Cobra KEROSENE is undyed and contains no other additives. It burns with a clean, soot-free and bright flame; therefore, reducing the tendency to form a crust on the wick. Excessive crust on the wick could lead to poor performance.

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Please refer to infotech sheet for current grades, sizes and part numbers