Cobra Performance Lubricants & Specialty Fluids
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Cobra Performance Lubricants & Specialty Fluids

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Equipped with world-class automatic blending and packaging production lines, Irving Blending & Packaging produces and markets products supporting automotive, heavy equipment, industrial machinery, forestry, mining, petrochemical engineering, electronics, and many more.

  • 157,000 sq. ft. facility including 95,000 sq. ft. RFID warehouse space
  • (3) 10 Station Rotary Wheel blow-moulding lines with ability to produce up to 192,000 -- 473ml to 5L bottles, in any colour, per day
  • (3) Automated In-line blenders for large volume throughput & customized batch blending capabilities for customized small batch products
  • (8) packaging lines with future excess capacity
  • 59 unit tank farm with 10 million litre bulk storage capacity of raw materials and finished product