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Passenger Car Engine Oils

Max1 - Motor Oil
MAX1 MAX1 is motor oil that has been developed to not just meet but exceed the highest qualifications and specifications of the North American motor industry.

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Max1 Advanced - Full synthetic Motor Oil
Max1 Advanced To improve performance, fuel economy, pollution control and extend longevity of parts, today’s engines are manufactured with extremely sophisticated and demanding technology. Automakers have called for a new class of motor oils specifically formulated to protect not just today’s engines but to increase the life-spans of all engines. Isn’t it time you took it to the MAX1?

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Advant - Full Synthetic European Motor Oil
Advant ADVANT is no ordinary motor oil. A sophisticated formula of pure and stable base stocks and the very latest in additive technology to deliver the performance and protection your engine demands. Advant was formulated to keep your engine as close as possible to factory cleanliness. The tighter clearances in your engine the cleaner you need to run, even a small deposit can make a major difference in performance.

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