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Irving Blending & Packaging - Refrigeration Fluids
Irving Blending & Packaging
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Refrigeration Fluids

Irving R-134a - Fluid 32
Irving R-134a IRVING R-134a is a synthetic refrigeration lubricant with a polyol ester base. IRVING R- 134a has been formulated specifically for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors and to comply with the stringent CFC and Ammonia refrigerant gases. Our special formulations enable this fluid to be used at very low evaporator temperatures which is the reason for utilizing naphthenic rather than paraffinic based oil.

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SYN STAR 68 - Refrigeration Oil
SYN STAR 68 SYN STAR 68 is high quality refrigeration compressor lubricant made from 100% synthetic base stocks. This allows them to be used in very low temperature applications, down to -60 °C. In certain circumstances, they can also be used in compressors where ammonia acts as the refrigerating fluid.

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STAR C - Refrigeration Oil
STAR C STAR C is high quality refrigeration oil made from low-wax naphthenic base oils. It is designed for use in ammonia refrigeration systems, such as those found in cold-stores and ice rinks, and chlorinated fluorocarbon (CFC) refrigeration systems.

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